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Ancient Mobile Tablets Passover Comic

Keep taking the tablets … yea, e’en unto Passover

aka: How Ye Olde Hebrews survived Passover in the Sinai

If you take the Torah at its word (which most archaeologists don’t), then it is a fact that the biblical tribes of Israel escaped the bondage of slavery in Pharaoh’s Egypt by crossing the Sinai Peninsula, which took them 40 years to accomplish, before getting back home to Israel.

Of course, they arrived back at home only after going around the Southern Edge of the Israelite land, via the Red Mountains of what is now Jordan, and from there, they gazed upon their homeland once more.

And you may wonder : How is it that this most determind of people took so long to cross what should have been a simple schlepp, taking not more than a few days … or a week at best? And even more so, you may ask yourself, How could they have been so lost with the new powers which they had received in the form of mobile tablets, given to their leader, Moses, by the Almighty himself at Mt. Sinai ? And no, I’m not talking about the late Mr. Steve Jobs of Apple Computer.

The answer, of course, is that even though they were empowered with these new, amazing, feature-rich mobile tablets, the Hebrews of Olde did not have GPS, let alone Waze or Google Maps.

And to make matters worse, those who had grown accustomed to smoking things in Ancient Egypt, had no camels to smoke … all they could do was ride them through their withdrawal from Pharaoh’s deadly grip.

Source: Laughzilla for Oy Vey


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