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The Alternative Hamas Narrative

Since the start of the Hamas and Israel war on July 8, 2014, sympathy for the devil has played a massive role in drumming up international condemnation in the most genius of ways.

By siding with the suicidal, homicidal extremists of Hamas, world leaders, celebrities and regular folk across nearly every continent and in dozens of countries have gone out of their way to plea for an end to Israeli aggression — another name for anything Israel does to protect itself from any kind of threat from terror and war, ever.

These same geniuses have also opened themselves up to a drubbing on social media, by using the phrase #FreePalestine across facebook, twitter and wherever else hashtags are served. By doing so, people who are more than capable of undermining such naive slogans have begun to p0wn the daylights out of that hashtag, and are now using #FreePalestine to remind people of just who is in fact keeping Gaza a hell-hole: Hamas.

In using women and children to protect its armed fighters and its weapons, Hamas is openly committing war crimes and auto-genocide against the Palestinian people which it keeps hostage, rather than building the necessary education system and infrastructure required to truly build anything resemblinng a state.

In using its own infrastructure to hide its illegal munitions, from homes to hospitals to school, to UN facilities and more, Hamas is actively committing war crimes and causing the deaths and injury of its own people, and the destruction of the property necessary to house, school, heal and feed the Palestinians in Gaza.

And in attacking Israel indiscriminately and forcing Israel to send ground forces into Gaza to destroy tunnels and otherwise setback Hamas’ military capability for years to come, Hamas is inflicting real, lasting damage on their own armed forces, unnecessarily, and also committing more war crimes against its own Palestinian population, upon which it draws even more fire during the war’s ground opreations.

And worst of all, Hamas has ruined Summer for people in Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, making it dangerous for people, namely children, to have fun and enjoy the nice weather outdoors. For that, they should be forced to attend Summer School for the next 7 years, as a form of collective punishment and reformation of the Islamist terrorist movement.

Of course, as perceived by so many clueless people around the world, forcing Palestinian terrorists to stop killing, start learning and begin behaving well and responsibly would be seen as a crime against humanity, too. And that’s exactly what Hamas wants.

Source: Laughzilla for Oy Vey


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