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Top 3 Reasons Google Bought SlickLogin That Will Change Your Life

Need A SlickLogin? Enter the Google.

Why the Valley loves the Wadi when it comes to hi-tech ventures

3. Google bought Israeli start-up SlickLogin because they want one password to rule them all, and they want it to be so easy to use, that you don’t even know you’re using it. Life Changing effect: You now store all your secrets in a digital cloud, where you *never* need to worry about security, because, you know, no one has ever hacked anything that Google owns (Cough! Hack! Cough!).

2. Google did an “acqui-hire” of SlickLogin’s staff and knowledgebase, because there is nothing evil about the world’s most popular web services company owning the world’s slickest password service … for all of the sites you use. Especially not when they vociferously deny having a backdoor policy with the NSA or any other branch of the oh-so-trustworthy US Government’s spy networks. Life changing effect: You will not have complete digital transparency in a friendly, easy-to-be-abused format, whether you opted-in to it or not.

1. Google purchased SlickLogin for the same reason that they bought Waze. Because they can. The fact that the password start-up was founded in Israel was not the reason the deal went through. However, it never hurts when you pay dollars to people used to trading shekels. Life Changing effect: No matter how much this fact annoys you, you will not be able to buy SlickLogin, unless you’re able to buy Google.

Source: Laughzilla for Oy Vey


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