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How Santa Claus Brings Christmas Gifts Via Secret Israeli Delivery System Webcomic

Santa’s Sleigh is on the Way … with Israeli hi-tech

How Santa Claus Delivers with help from the Jewish state

Santa’s reindeer are tired. So tired. After all, the physical demands of zipping around the world, year after year, Christmas after Christmas, with populations growing all the tim … no wonder they need a break.

This year, as it has secretly done in the past, the State of Israel lent a hand to Santa’s workshop, by providing a brand new, updated unmanned air vehicle (UAV), aka: a drone.

This Jewish-Christian alliance was made possible in the name of peaceful co-existence and interfaith fraternity. It was done in order to help pull Santa’s sleigh to meet the just-in-time delivery demands of all the nice Christian children. Or at least, for those good goyishe kids who still believe in the pagan fairy tale of the jolly fat man, his toy-making elves and his troop of reindeer, led by their fearless, red-nosed leader, Rudolph.

Please note that this technological present from Israel to Santa is unrelated to the cultural debates surrounding the annual Christian tradition of celebrating what they believe to be the birth of Jesus Christ, which has been occupied by Coca-Cola and Xmas marketeers for the last century or so.

Oh yeah, you can also see this image on the artist’s blog in the Times of Israel website.

From all of us at Oy Vey, Merry Christmas to all Christians, and to all, a good night.


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