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Suspect Syrian WMD Use Unconfirmed Editorial Cartoon


Political caricature of the freshest round of suspected WMD use by the Assad regime in Syria

People around the world hav seen the latest round of videos, showing the apparent result of WMD use in Syria this week.

Apparently it’s OK for the Syrian army to wantonly kill hundreds of men, women and children for little or no reason. This is especially true if there are United Nations observers and experts in the use of biological, chemical and other weapons of mass destruction are on the ground, just a 15 minutes drive from the suspected site of the attack.

You see, as long as the WMDs are not confirmed, then those confirmed killed in the conflict are just victims of “conventional warfare”. And hey, why shouldn’t that be OK? Why should so many hundreds and thousands of dead bodies amount to any reaction from activists, diplomats and politicians?

According to China and Russia, Syria has the right to pick and choose when and where international observers can try to study the suspected sites and incidents of WMD use, and nothing can be done about it until any suspicious is confirmed and reconfirmed ad nauseum. And despite their mealy-mouthed protestations, France, Britain and the United States have yet to do much in the way of a strong reaction. Except of course for the Syrian rebels being trained in Jordan, by Jordanian and American forces, supervised by Israeli commandos.

Bottom line, as long as Bashar Assad avoids getting caught red-handed, the price of blood of the Syrian people remains a cheap commodity on the open market.


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