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Artist Painting Life During Wartime

Artist painting life during wartime

When visionaries take to battlefields

Not everything in a war zone is bombs and bullets.  Or at least, not everyone in the war zones sees it as such.  Some even fantasize or imagine entirely different scenes of the reality and the environment surrounding them.

This Artist painting life during wartime editorial cartoon depicts a rather rotund painter painting a smiling flower in the middle of a green field with blue skies and fireworks above, in the background. By contrast, the background behind the artist seems more like a desert battlefield, replete with armor, ordinance, and artillery setting things ablaze after they fire and explode on or near their targets.

This Life During Wartime caricature was published by Laughzilla for the political cartoon of November 17, 2012 by Oy Vey – for the enjoyment of people who may see what is and what is not.

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