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Tu B’Av Grapes Virgins Love

Tu B’Av Loves Grapes And Virgins

What’s Tu B’Av and what’s funny about it?

Tu B’Av – the Jewish Love Day – celebrates the ritual tradition of men harvesting the early season’s grapes, while virginal unmarried women dance outside of the walls of Jerusalem.

According to learned Judaic teachers, white garments are worn by the women, because white clothes apparently evoke no jealousy (ie: JAP cat fights). And so, white clothes are worn by all observant Jewish girls on Tu B’Av.

Naturally, after a long day and evening of harvesting grapes (or reading the story and examining it in a Yeshiva all day), the men find their way over to the young women as they dance, laugh, sing and rejoice. What guy would resist that?

The result is … a lot of Jewish babies are born within the next year or so. And thus, as the people of the book are commanded to do first and foremost, they do their part to be fruitful and multiply.

This Tu Be’Av cartoon titled Grapes Virgins and Love was drawn Laughzilla and published by Oy Vey on August 3, 2012

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